I’m down on that daydream/Oh, that sleepwalk should be over by now

Two weeks ago, I laid my thoughts out on the line, and after rereading it and having so many responses from people that I didn’t expect to read it, I realized I needed to push myself in a different direction than one that is just stuck.

I’m burnt out from all the weekend travel. Although, I’m in Lake Charles singing with the Space Rockers this weekend, and I’m having a blast. So there’s that. Performing with different people is refreshing, although I had no idea what was happening during the 50 cent song. Keeps me on my toes

But I decided to leave The New Waves, and the cover band scene. I put my notice in. I have one more weekend in Lake Charles with them after this one, plus a show in Lubbock in March, but that will be the end of my mark as the female singer of the New Waves. I’ll still fill in, do some private events. I know I’ll miss it. I just don’t want to be permanently gone on weekends. Austin has so many cool things to do:

Circus cats!

Valentines weekend in Austin


But! There’s so many other things. I got offered a job at another music school to teach a toddler music class, as well as some private lessons. And the music school I was already at is working with me to create a music/yoga class for kids.

Teaching. I’m going to teach more. I’m teaching things that I love doing. And my music students are learning. I have two voice students auditioning this week, one for a girls choir and the other to sing the National anthem at a baseball stadium. And it’s so awesome to have been a part of the preparation for that.

I’m getting ready for another kids yoga training at Yogapeutics in April, and I just completed my application for hot yoga training in Thailand at Absolute Yoga academy.

My intentions are to help other people grow and get stronger at things that they’ll enjoy doing. Life is grand.




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