Sweet like candy in my veins

Two nights ago, I went on a date to a vegetarian restaurant with the love of my life.

Yesterday, I had 5 of My Own Music Students play and/or sing in a recital.

Last night, I performed a full show at a private party with the band I’m in, a band that has a following.

Today, I practiced yoga, and then went to watch someone in my upline promote to a position that brings her time, money, and freedom for helping other people, in a company where personal and financial growth is not limited.

Tomorrow is the last day of my first semester of teaching aerial yoga to elementary -aged students. They are performing a routine we’ve been working on all semester.

Is this real life?

I never would have dreamed that this would be my life. I didn’t even know most of these things were things to dream for, or to want. But they’ve all happened and they make my life so full and I feel grateful and I feel love.


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