What it all comes down to, is that everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine

Well, it’s almost 4 in the morning on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

I just got home under an hour ago from a gig in San Antonio with my band. I could’ve been home by 2 AM, but, alas, we had terrible luck as the band rode into the Walmart parking lot, which is where we usually leave our cars when we have out of town gigs and then we ride in a van/rig together.

Walmart had decided on this beautiful evening to redo their black top surface. And in order to do that, they towed ALL of our cars to a location about 15 miles north of where they were parked.

Many bands I’ve played with will park at this particular Walmart– it’s right off the freeway, it’s usually near a lot where rented vans/rigs are stored. Walmart is open 24/7, so generally as long as we park our cars in a scattered manner, we generally don’t worry about getting towed.

It’s been a night. I’m going to bed. Other things have happened that I’d like to share, things that are worth diving into and probably have more impact on my life than getting towed tonight, but it feels right. So I decided to not delay it for once =)